June 16th 2011
“I have never cried scoring a goal. But racing is my passion. I am so keen. It is one thing to buy a horse at the sales and see it win. It is a different thing entirely to win with a horse bred from an 11-year-old mare who is pretty much a family pet. The kids pat her every morning and love her so much. And then to win with her son, in my own colours, and at Royal Ascot. It is just amazing. You have to have done it to know the feeling. I have lost my voice shouting the horse on.”

July 16th 2011
“That [horse-racing] will never be my career. It will always be there in the background, but football is my main passion and everyone knows that. I’d like to think that if I stop playing in three, four or five years’ time, whatever it may be, that I’ll still be involved in football and still have that as my profession. It’s my passion and what I know.”