Quite predictably, our fans have pinched Gary Neville’s song and used it for Michael Owen, claiming he’s a red and he hates scousers.

Owen has again sung the praises of our club and joked that Neville isn’t too impressed about the song pinching!

“I’m not sure Gary Neville’s too pleased with me nicking his song!” said Owen. “To be honest, 10 years ago I wouldn’t have dared dream I would one day play for United, so it’s a nice surprise. I’ve been very fortunate to end up here and there’s no better feeling than playing, scoring, winning a match and hearing the fans sing your name. I never doubted I’d score goals if I stayed fit and was given time on the pitch. How can you fail to score goals in a team like this? You’re playing with such good players that it’s impossible not to get chances.”