Michael Owen has confirmed that if he does score against Liverpool, he will celebrate.

The former Liverpool striker, who was recently booed at a testimonial for Jamie Carragher, insisted when talking to Sport magazine that he’s a professional footballer, not a fan.

“I’m a professional footballer,” said Owen. “I’ll be going on to the pitch wanting to do well in the game, wanting to score a goal and wanting us not to concede. I won’t be the first person to play against a team that I used to play for, and I won’t be the last. Yeah I would have no problem scoring a goal or celebrating. People would find it a bit ridiculous if I answered that in any other way. There is no getting away from that, and I was proud to play for Liverpool. I am a professional footballer, I’ve got to give myself the chance of winning trophies, of earning a living and of playing at the best standard I could, just as the man in the street would if he gets an offer to move from one newspaper to the next or one bank to the next. If they give him a better job and everything else, I’m sure everybody would do the same. So I’m not a fan – my loyalties are for the team that are paying my wages, and that is how it’s got to be. It’s hard for any fan to understand as they are a one-team person and they will never understand, but they only have to open their eyes and look around the Premier League and see that players do move.”