Michael Owen will be hoping for a run out against Hull today, when considering United have to face City in the League Cup semi-final and Arsenal in the league next week.

Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov have been keeping him out of the team for most of the season, with the manager not keen on the idea of playing Owen and Rooney together. Maybe after a few nice link ups on Tuesday, the boss will see it differently.

Owen has today revealed that Rooney comes to ask him for advice at half time, after hearing what Sir Alex has to say.

“He likes listening to my opinion at half-time in games,” said Owen. “After the manager says his piece, Wayne for some reason will walk over and we’ll talk. If he has a problem I’ll give my opinion. It’s a team game, but compared to a goalkeeper or a right-back a striker is doing totally different things. Not everyone understands how it feels.”

In his days at Liverpool, Owen won the UEFA Cup and European Super Cup, so winds up his current team mates over how impressive his medal collection will be when United win more trophies.

“I say to the lads, ‘I’ve won a lot of the smaller ones as well, like the Uefa Cup’, which they’ll never win because they’re always in the Champions League. I say, ‘If we win another league it’ll just be another one for you, but I’ll have the clean sweep.'”


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