After joining Manchester United, Michael Owen was full of praise for the club and claimed that if he couldn’t finish his career here, he wouldn’t take a step down.

“As long as I’m wanted at a good level I will play on, but part of that is in my hands and part isn’t,” Owen said this time last year. “I’ll wait to see what the manager says on that. If it happens, great, we’ll talk about it. If not, I’ll try to stay at a high level. I wouldn’t drop out of the Premier League. I want to stay at the top level or look at other markets, but I have four children and they’re settled in school and that’s something to weigh up.”

Finally, after yet another disappointing injury for Owen thanks to injuries, United are releasing the striker at the end of the season. Owen has claimed he isn’t looking to retire though.

“I am only 32,” he said. “I might look a bit older than that but obviously looking at the likes of Scholesy and Giggsy it doesn’t half fill you with a lot of motivation and confidence that they are playing into their mid-to-late thirties and I still feel as if I am reasonably young. When I wake up my body feels good even though I have had a few injuries. I don’t wake up with sore joints or anything like that. At 32 I definitely owe it to myself to still have two or three years and hopefully play a bit more for somebody else.”