“This is our year,” Liverpool fans and players will be heard saying at the start of every season. This has been one of the first years where that talk has died down, from the more experienced players like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher at least, with them recognising they fall some way short of being ready to compete.

Even with the 2nd highest scoring player in the league, Liverpool finished too far behind the Champions, and were essentially out of the title race before the turn of the New Year.

Gary Pallister has today said that he doesn’t think this year will be any better than the last for Liverpool

“I can’t see them challenging this year,” said Pallister. “I thought they might put together a sustained challenge last year and they didn’t manage to do so. I don’t feel as though they can this year either. Under Benitez they’ve been playing for fourth spot. That’s not good enough for Liverpool fans. They expect to be up there fighting for league championships – and that hasn’t happened.”

United take on Liverpool tomorrow and there is the potential of both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres being unavailable, or playing when not fully fit. Pallister thinks a loss might be on the cards for them tomorrow, which could be hugely damaging.

“It would have a big effect on their season if they lose,” he added. “If they lose badly it would be even more damaging. To lose at home to one of your main rivals is a huge blow.”

Is Pallister right?