UNITED > England, the Republik of Mancunia, the idea that Manchester and our club is more important than anything else. United, Kids, Wife – in that order, the banner seen on our travels.

Club over country players are fairly rare, although we do have a few at United, and should be massively appreciated. For a lot of people it is drilled in that representing their country is the be all and end all. To find players who put playing for United as more important than playing for their country can only be seen as a great thing.

“Playing for United has always been the most important thing for me and remains so,” said Gary Neville in November 2007. “If England recognition comes, that’s a bonus – but it’s not something that I think about too much. I’ve always considered it an extension to playing for United.”

“I decided to call it a day with England because it just wasn’t any fun any more. I don’t know why it became like that, I’d just stopped enjoying it,” explained Scholes in July 2007. “I like being at home as well there was an awful lot of time away from home and my family and for me there’s nowhere better than Manchester.”

Park Ji-Sung is the latest to join this group, after opting out of a South Korea game in August in favour of playing for United, as explained by his coach.

“There is a full list of fixtures and Manchester United have made new signings so the start of the season is very important for Park,” said Huh Jung-moo, the national team boss.

Good on you, Park!