Park Ji-Sung missed out on a place in our Champions League final last season after putting in a great display against Barcelona. Having been injured for most of the season, Ferguson preferred the likes of Fletcher and O’Shea.

Park has today confessed that it was heartbreaking to miss out, but that he was always confident United would get to the final again and he would get to play.

“No one knows until the start who will be selected,” said Park. “If I play I will do my best. It was very disappointing last year because players want to play in big games like the Champions League final. If they do not play it hurts. I think it was the biggest disappointment of my career. Our team wins titles and I am happy because I am in a good team but still it was heartbreaking. But after that I believed Manchester United would again reach the final and I worked hard and now I have one more chance and this time it is different to last season. It is a big disappointment but you can’t say anything to them because it is heartbreaking. It is something they have to get over themselves and believe next time or in the future they can do something.”