Park has today claimed that he thinks his best pal at United, Carlos Tevez, should learn to be more patient. He reckons it will be a disappointment for everyone at the club if he goes and thinks Tevez should stick around to keep scoring important goals.

“It would be disappointing not just for me but for everyone involved at Manchester United because he is one of the best players and we need that,” said Park. “Hopefully he will stay. This season when he has come on the pitch he has scored a lot of goals and helped the team. He has saved the team. Only Carlos can do that. He works hard and he scores a lot of goals. If he does not like his role maybe he can move but if he can stand it he just has to show his ability on the pitch and he will get chances. Manchester United have a lot of games and no one can play every game in one season, it is too hard. He should be patient.”