At Manuel Pellegrini’s press conference ahead of City’s game against Barcelona, he has claimed that City are now a bigger club than United.

“The biggest team is City now, but we cannot forget the last few years,” he claimed.

There’s no denying that City are better than United this season, given that they are 3rd in the table and we’re 7th, but it’s absolutely ludicrous for him to claim that City are bigger. By his definition, Chelsea are the biggest club in the country, with them top of the table.

We can put our scouse hats on and talk about history but that just isn’t necessary. We can point to the fact they have empty seats littered all over their ground most weeks whilst United sell out a bigger stadium for every game, but again, that isn’t really necessary.

Let’s talk about the present. Right now, Manchester United are the champions of England. But I imagine it won’t be long until that small club down the road are putting up posters around town to celebrate their manager’s dopey remark.