Andreas Pereira has enjoyed a good pre-season with Manchester United so far, having spent the last two seasons out on loan at Granada and Valencia.

Jose Mourinho wanted the Brazilian to stay in Manchester last season but he opted to play in La Liga to gain more experience.

The midfielder believes his time away from the club has done him good and he is now keen to stay with United and help us this season.

It’s my intention to stay here and help the club and help the team. That’s my first intention, so I want to do everything that I can to stay at the club and help United this season.

On my personal level needed to play another season regularly and it was good for me as well and I think it’s good for the team and the club that I’m more prepared now than last year.

I spoke with [Mourinho] about that and now this season I want to stay and do my best for the club. I feel a better player now than last year. I learned a lot in Spain, they were two very important seasons for me, especially from the tactical and physical point, I learnt a lot and now it’s a good experience to come back here and play for United.