It was announced last week that Andreas Pereira was joining Valencia on loan, but not before signing a contract to extend his deal until 2019.

Jose Mourinho has revealed that he was disappointed that the midfielder chose to leave on loan instead of fight for playing time at Manchester United.

It was a personal decision that I don’t agree with, a decision I don’t think honestly is the best decision for him, a decision that disappoints me. He has the potential to be fighting for a position, opportunities and to be a Manchester United player.

His decision can be considered a young player who wants to play every weekend but also a young player that is not ready to fight for something difficult and it’s difficult to play in Manchester United’s midfield. You have to be ready to fight for the position and I am disappointed he left.

But was his decision, I opened the door, he has a long-term contract, we have the option to bring him back on Jan. 1, so is not a drama but is a decision which disappoints me a little bit.

Hopefully Pereira will have a great season at Valencia and Mourinho will be willing to forget this, although the manager certainly seems to be asking big questions about the midfielder’s character.