Real Madrid paid off David Beckham’s transfer fee in a matter of days through ‘Beckham 23’ shirt sales alone.

If they were to purchase Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, it would take them a bit longer to pay for him, given they would be forced to fork out at least three times what they paid for Becks, but they would get their soon enough.

Florentino Perez, who is hoping to secure Real Madrid presidency, recognises the financial advantages of certain players, but is also aware of the conflict Ronaldo would bring.

“There are specific footballers who can turn out to be very profitable, because of the commercial benefits they bring the club,” said Perez. “But if Cristiano Ronaldo comes in, we would have a Nike-endorsed player putting on an Adidas shirt every week. In the previous time, we established a model which allowed us to pay off our debts and raise our income, and we did it by investing in great players. They brought money in, the model worked. When Beckham arrived our sponsors significantly raised their payments to us and we rescued the finances of the club. What happened in the last few years is that the club did not reinvest in the type of players to continue with that model. I want to put that right.”