All in all, Pete was very impressed the compilation of songs readers of RoM came up with, although wasn’t too keen on the more obvious ‘Hey baby’ and ‘I love you baby’ songs which are used by fans up and down the country.

“The Wild World and ‘he’s tall, he’s thin’ chant are very amusing,” he said. “But the first chant is the clear winner in my opinion and I’ll be singing it on the coach to Fulham and at Fulham on Sunday.”

This was a chant suggested by Stretford End Flags. Pete had his own variation on this Bébé chant.

“Six foot two
Eyes aren’t blue
Used to sell the big issue
No more sleeping on the street
Bébé scores with both his feet”

Pete Boyle’s new CD, ‘How low can you sink? – United We Sing 9’ is out on from September 20th and will be 80 minutes of class United songs and chants.