Davide Petrucci, who has had a great season for the Reserves and has received a few shouts be worthy of a place on the pre-season, has spoken of his delight at being a Manchester United player.

“It’s my dream. I would love to play for United,” he told the official site. “That is my aim and my target for the moment. That’s the reason why I left home at 16. [It was brave] leaving without my family, but Kiko helped me a lot. Everything was new for me, however I wanted to play for United so badly – so badly – that’s why I did it. Everyone is so friendly that they make you feel at home. The first time I came here, it felt like home. That’s why I enjoy it here and why I want to play here. I would do it 100 times again. It’s so good being here.”

Petrucci also loves the city… it’s just the weather he’s not too keen on.

“I love it. I really love it,” he said. “It’s just the weather! I still don’t like the weather because I like the sunshine. I think if you had the Italian sunshine here, you would have the best part of the world. It’s not always sunny in Rome, but it’s definitely more sunny than here.”

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