Having watched footage from the 1999 Champions League final regularly for years, I was made up when a video from an angle I had never seen before started circulating a few years ago.

A UEFA camera behind the goal that Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored in captured everything.

My favourite bit of the footage though was when the players on the bench raced across the pitch to celebrate with their team mates following Solskjaer’s winner. Phil Neville joined in for a second or two and then turned to the United fans behind that goal and went a bit bonkers with them. It was that bit that always made me tingle. It always stood out in my mind as something which set our club apart from any others at the top in England. We’re fortunate enough to always have players in our first team squad who are fans as well as employees. Phil wasn’t just celebrating because he was a player who had won the European Cup, but because Manchester United had won the European Cup. Gary Neville repeated that nine years later when he was beside himself with happiness after United won the European Cup in Moscow against Chelsea. He didn’t even get a medal that night but he was delirious.

It’s great to have another fan back at the club working for us again.