Phil Nevill Everton vs United penalty shoot out

When Everton put United out of the FA Cup on penalties last season, Phil Neville stood with his arms folded looking away as his team mates raced forward in celebration. Not the behaviour you’d expect from an Everton captain, but certainly the behaviour you’d expect from a born and bred red.

Phil has today laughed at City for their blue ketchup and claims he’ll always bleed red.

“Joining City is not something that will ever happen,” Phil said. “When you have got red blood you cannot see yourself with blue blood. You go there and they have blue ketchup… it’s just like ‘What are they doing?’. I am not being disrespectful to City. I grew up a Red, hating Manchester City. When I go back with Everton I get absolutely slaughtered. It makes me laugh in a way because I understand what they are feeling. I think it is fantastic as it makes football special.”