The FA’s dealing of Patrice Evra following the fuss that ensued during Manchester United’s warm down at Stamford Bridge the season before last was nothing short of totally ludicrous. Despite the CCTV showing no proof of what the racist claimed and Evra having to be left-handed to hit Bethell where it is claimed (he’s right-handed) the FA banned Evra for an incredible four matches!

It appears as though our lads haven’t learnt their lesson though with Gary Neville getting involved in a row with a steward and a senior police officer.

Neville with police at Anfield

Neville and Jonny Evans were apparently warming down in front of our own fans when a steward told them to move due to “safety concerns”. Neville apparently refused to move and got involved with a row which lead to the police officer becoming involved. Neville then reluctantly moved elsewhere to complete the warm down.