“Nicky Butt, Nicky Butt, Nicky Nicky Butt, na na na na na na na na!” Manchester United fans have been singing since the 90’s. The KC and the Sunshine Band tune enjoyed a resurgence in our ground a couple of years ago when Rodrigo Possebon was on the scene.

Arsenal fans have now adopted the song for Samir Nasri, or, Naseri as the song would have you believe. (Syllables? What are they?) There’s a reason why we don’t sing the song for Rooney, or, Roonery as Arsenal fans would call him. It doesn’t massively get under the skin but it grates a tad.

But before I can find the energy to get too wound up by them butchering the song, I get pointed in the direction of this mug.

Seriously! You’re a grown man!

All together now, “Samir Naseri, Naseri, Samir Naseri…”

Thanks to Darren for the picture
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