Manchester United fans have organised a plane to fly over Villarreal’s stadium on Saturday with a banner saying “Bring Ronaldo Home”.

United Reel have teamed up with their affiliated official Manchester United Supports Clubs – MUSC United Arab Emirates, MUSC Lebanon and MUSC Egypt to show a ‘United’ front to help bring Ronaldo home.

Members from all over the world have donated their own money and resources to fund a mind game message, flown by plane during the Villarreal v Real Madrid match in a bid to demonstrate to Cristiano Ronaldo how much the United Faithful still love and support him.

With the uncertainty regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s future, United Reel deem it essential the player can not only feel but also see how much the fans still love him and how proud they are of his achievements since he left Manchester United.

United Reel has active supporters on every continent of the world and we are all united by our love for Cristiano both as a football player and as a person. We stand united in our views and we won’t stop until we BRING RONALDO HOME.