Ahead of Manchester United’s match against Arsenal, the fans were united in protest outside of the Emirates. The Football Supporters Federation launched the “£20’s plenty” campaign in January 2013 and this weekend fans at away groups up and down the country have arrived with banners to get the message across.

The motivation behind this campaign is fans who make the journey to watch their team play away shouldn’t be forced to pay over the odds to do so. When factoring in transport and food etc., £20 should be a satisfactory price for all away fans at all grounds.

How can you get involved?

– Spread the word: tell your friends and family about our ticket price protest and that Twenty’s Plenty for Away Fans.
– Get in touch with the FSF. If you would like to help organise a demonstration at your match (in the home or away end) email: tickets@fsf.org.uk
– Build bridges with rival fans – heed 1894’s words and support the actions of fans from rival clubs
– Sign the FSF’s #ShareTVWealth petition – calling on the Premier League to redistribute its TV income more fairly, including reducing ticket prices.
– Use social media to highlight good and bad ticket prices when you see them – use one of our Twenty’s Plenty hashtags on Twitter (#20Plenty / #TwentysPlenty), and share FSF blogs on Facebook.
– Write to your club explaining the benefits of the Twenty’s Plenty campaign.