The feeling of frustration and disappointment after Steven Gerrard’s second goal of the game went in last weekend was almost unbearable. We’d played them off the park for the whole game but thanks to two set pieces, were now level.

Obviously, things turned out alright for us, but it was only upon returning home and watching MOTD2 that I saw how Gerrard had chosen to celebrate his equalising goal.

From the moment the ball hit the back of the net, Gerrard was beckoning the Sky Sports camera over. Just as he had done in their 4-1 victory over us the season before last, Gerrard proceded to kiss the camera. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding this an utterly bizarre way to mark a goal.

But then, that’s Gerrard I suppose. The man who taps his name on the back of his shirt after scoring important goals and the man who celebrates goals against his supposed biggest rivals, in the campest of fashions.

As the Sky Sports camera wiped away his slober, Gerrard turned to the away section and reminded his fans, loyal to the end despite his transfer requests, how many times they’ve won the European Cup.

Liverpool fans are often criticised for living in the past, given it’s been 20 years since they were last the best team in the country. But if ever there was a week to remind Liverpool fans that history is all they have, it was the week just gone. Losing to United to put themselves 16th in the league after 5 games, before getting knocked out on penalties at Anfield against a fourth tier club.

Liverpool don’t even compete in the European Cup these days, let alone win it, so whilst I’m sure Gerrard’s gesture at Old Trafford was greatly appreciated by the away end, it’s a massive reminder of just far they have fallen.