Billy Whelan joined the United ranks when he was just a teenager and made his debut for the club when he was 19-years-old. The following week he scored his first goal for the club.

Whelan went on to play 98 games for United and scored an incredible 52 goals. He was on the plane with the team as they returned home from Munich and sadly, aged just 22, he died in the crash.

A bridge in Dublin is dedicated to the former United player and this weekend, when Liverpool fans are commemorating the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough, has been the victim of graffiti with ‘Munich bastard’ scrawled across it.

It’s impossible to know for certain which club the person who did it supported, but as the singing at the official Spirit of Shankly party showed (with an entertainer going on stage and the crowd watching chanting “Munich!”), it is more than likely it was a Liverpool fan.