Andre Marriner has been appointed referee for United’s game against Liverpool at Anfield this weekend.

He has previous…

1. After being shown a yellow card for a two footed challenge from behind, Steven Gerrard told Marriner to fuck off, before sticking his fingers up at him. No punishment was given.

2. In the Anfield game in 2009, Jamie Carragher brought down Michael Owen as the last man, but Marriner just showed a yellow card.

“The most controversial decision was Carragher bringing down Michael Owen. He was clear through,” said Ferguson. “The laws of the game were altered to prevent professional fouls of that nature and if Carragher goes off, he is their best player and their captain. It would have been a different game. They would have been under pressure. The referee was only four or five yards from it and he cannot use a covering defender as an excuse. Michael was clean through.”

3. In the Anfield game in 2009, Carragher went in high on Carrick in the penalty area but Marriner didn’t award a penalty.

“He has gone right over the top of the ball,” said Ferguson. “If it is outside of the box it is a free-kick and maybe a yellow card. But it was inside the box and the referee was only six yards from it. It was another bad decision.”

4. Marriner sent Vidic off for two yellow cards, the first of which was incredibly soft.

“The Vidic booking was the worst decision,” said Ferguson. “It is a foul, fine. But the player has played on, he won the second ball and knocked it for a throw in and got booked. It put Nemanja under pressure.”