Jose Mourinho has had a road named after him Setubal, a suburb of Lisbon where he grew up. He has spoken of his pride and emotion at the unveiling.

I come to Setubal because I love Setubal. Because my friends call me Ze and leave the ‘Special One’ bullshit. I am very grateful. I trade tributes for victories and this is the only one I wouldn’t trade.

It’s a situation a little bit strange for me, because Setubal continues to be the only city where I feel like myself, Ze, Ze Mario. Where people treat me normally and make me feel good. Where I have made, and try to make, my profession a little extra to my essence, to who I am. I’m pure Setubalense, with all the qualities and defects. And because of this I am grateful for this honour and it makes me emotional.

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