Ravel Morrison was left out of last night’s Reserves game and voiced his frustration on Twitter, hinting he may leave the club at the end of the season.

After saying he couldn’t wait for the season to end, Wayne Rooney replied to him, claiming his season might end sooner than he thought with that attitude!

Whilst Ravel can be accused of behaving in a way that damages his career at times, I don’t think too much should be made of last night’s outburst. It would be naive to think he was the first United player to react in this way. The difference with Ravel, unlike the young players before him, is he has a way of communicating these frustrations with everyone, instead of having his temper tantrum away from the public eye. I wonder what Roy Keane or Eric Cantona would have tweeted back in the day…

Importantly, Ravel acknowledged the error of his ways by backtracking and claiming he was really referring to his summer holiday. The chances of that are slim to none but it shows he realised he can’t talk like that about the club.

If you were wondering, his current deal expires in 2014, so he won’t be going anywhere next summer… unless our club decide otherwise.