Rooney Bayern

With just minutes to go in in last night’s 1-1 draw against Bayern Munich, Bastian Schweinsteiger was sent off for a second yellow card for a foul on Wayne Rooney.

Pep Guardiola immediately made a ‘diving’ gesture on the touchlines but this didn’t stop the referee from sending off the German’s goalscorer.

There’s no denying that Rooney jumped in the air when Schweinsteiger slid in, and he probably did so more dramatically than he needed to, but that doesn’t change the fact that if he didn’t jump out of the way, he could have been badly hurt.

The German midfielder had his foot in the air, studs showing, and Rooney had to get out of the way. Maybe Guardiola would have been happy if Rooney stayed where he was, Schweinsteiger snapped him in half, and their goalscorer was given a straight red card instead?

Guardiola dive