Wayne Rooney was pictured taking a piss on the fancy golf resort at Lost City earlier this week and has today caused some more controversy. Whilst I’m not one for creating a negative fuss over nothing where our players are concerned, particularly during the World Cup when there are plenty of other media outlets doing that already, you have to wonder what is going through Rooney’s head at the moment.

Earlier in the week, Rooney had ‘Floyd’ written in to one of his trainers, which didn’t make an awful amount of sense. However, makes more sense when put together with this photo of Rooney which has emerged today.

Rooney has written ‘FCUK U’ on his shoe, turning his foot to the side to ensure it is visible to the cameras.

Come on Wayne, the eyes are the world are watching and are ready to tear you apart, so why are you pulling daft stunts like this? We know he’s just having a laugh but you can’t help but worry he’s giving this country a stick to beat him with, particularly if he doesn’t score soon.

Amusingly, French Connection UK have commented on the picture, saying: “We’re happy he’s supporting us. We hope he finds the FCUKing net.”

Any guess on who Floyd is?