Following England’s disappointing performance in their 1-1 draw with USA on Saturday, Wayne Rooney enjoyed a spot of golf at the Lost City course of Sun City. Rooney barely got a touch in England’s opening game and it became clear why this country is worried about him losing his temper. The best player on the park by a country mile was hardly involved in the game, so you have to wonder what Fabio Capello was thinking with the tactics. How infuriating to have such a talent on the team and not use him effectively. Rooney didn’t play well, he didn’t play badly, he just didn’t do anything.

Dressed up in his golf gear and socks pulled up, today Rooney let out the frustrations .

And then, in front of the cameras, Rooney turned around and took a slash! Classy move, Wazza!

The winner of the Choose England t-shirt competition is Craig Stelnicki from Rochdale.