Perfect timing Wilf Zaha. The day after United drop points at home to Fulham, with fans beginning to turn on the manager and opposition players claiming we play like a Conference side, Zaha decides to pop up on social media with a dig at David Moyes.

The winger may feel hard done by after barely featuring in Moyes’ line-ups this season, particularly when you consider how badly most of the players in his position have played, but he has shown such poor judgement in taking to social media to vent his frustration.

Zaha has since deleted the caption, which was having a dig at Moyes’ lack of belief in him. Zaha was a Ferguson purchase and reports suggest that Moyes doubted the player’s attitude. We don’t see him day in day out on the training ground, so we’re in no position to judge, but even if Zaha is the real deal, what does he think he will achieve with embarrassingly petty remarks like this?

Just yesterday, Chicharito was guilty of a similar stunt, hinting at his unhappiness at the club.

Who do these players thinks they are? If they think they are going to get the fans on side by putting more unneeded pressure on the club, putting us in the spotlight unnecessarily, then they’re kidding themselves. No one player is bigger than this club, so put up, or shut up.