Some media sources claimed that the Portuguese press had Bébé’s new haircut down to Sir Alex Ferguson’s strict orders. However, I think that’s stereotyping the old Fergie. He’s not so much like that now. Just like he didn’t actually ban Nani’s extravagant celebratory flip and just like he allowed Anderson to have long braided hair, it’s probable he had no problem with Bébé’s hair.

“It’s one of our policies, one of our important policies, to identify young players that can grow into the club and develop here,” said Ferguson. “We’ve always worked on the age-factor here. We have several players in their thirties, a few in the mid-twenties to late-twenties, and the rest area all young players who are improving all the time. So I feel it is the right policy for Manchester United. We’re good at producing our own young players and we’re also good at developing young players. The three young players sitting here today are part of that.”