Wayne Rooney married his childhood sweetheart, Colleen, this summer, on the back of a brilliant season for United. Whilst this is probably a positive thing for his career, meaning he will be even less drawn to the partying lifestyle that comes with being a young, single, successful footballer, it has coincided with less favourable decisions.

First, Rooney was seen to be smoking on his honeymoon, which 57% of RoM readers said to be out of order. Now, he has added another tattoo to his collection.

new wayne rooney tattoo

new wayne rooney tattoo

“Just enough education to perform” reads the tattoo, coming from the name of the 2001 Stereophonics album. They are Rooney’s favourite band and performed at his Italian wedding. The song “Mr Writer”, from where the line comes from, is a dig at the English press, a viewpoint which Rooney no doubt shares.

I’m sure it’ll look very fetching with his United shirt.

What do you think of Rooney’s new tattoo?