Gerard Pique has claimed that Louis van Gaal will be a success at Manchester United following the disaster of last season.

Pique has reflected on when Van Gaal was Barcelona manager and visited the home of Amador Bernabeu, Pique’s grandfather and former vice-president of the club.

“I think he will be great,” Pique said. “I didn’t know him a lot because I was really young when he was Barcelona’s coach, but he had a really good relationship with my grandfather, the former vice-president of the club. I had the chance to see him one day at my grandfather’s house when I was 12 or 13 years old. He arrived at the house and he knew I was playing for the Barcelona youth team. He pushed me and I fell to the floor, and he said ‘you are not tough enough to be a centre-back’. So, yes, he really is a disciplinarian, and I think he will do brilliantly here.”