Gerard Pique returned to Barcelona after failing to break in to United’s first team. Despite plenty of appearances in the Champions League, the Spaniard was all too happy to make the £6 million move back home.

When he signed for United there was a bit of bad blood between himself and Barcelona, with Pique claiming that he wasn’t a slave and didn’t belong to the Spanish giants.

All is forgiven and forgotten now though, but it appears as though now Pique is making a target out of his latest former club… us.

“At United there were some incredible things happening,” said Pique. “Everyone was allowed to eat what they wanted and one must remember that the English diet is just like people say. Every two weeks we had to be checked out on a machine that measured the amount of fat we had in our bodies. It would be a surprise that none of the players broke the machine because of the amount of hamburgers and beer they had.”

It’s not just the players on the receiving end of Pique’s criticism though, with a few words sent in Sir Alex Ferguson’s direction too.

“The gaffer, as Ferguson is known in Manchester, spoke in English with a Scottish accent and sounded Chinese to me,” Pique added. “But I was not the worst and there are players still there who do not understand him yet. I arrived without knowing any English, so the banter was lost on me.”

So everyone was fat and the manager spoke a language he couldn’t understand, sounds bloody awful! Apparently not.

“It was not bad though, because in Manchester I became a player.”