Stretford End Flags have today announced that plastic flags will be on the seats of the North Stand ahead of the Champions League game against Real Madrid. Unlike usual mosaics where fans hold coloured sheets above their head, this mosaic will be made of flags.

United fans have regularly mocked the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs digging out the plastic flags for the “big” occasions but now we have joined the plastic brigade.

SEF didn’t take a vote on the decision to provide plastic flags for the game and the reaction from many fans, as you would imagine, is of frustration. Others have remained open-minded, hoping that the flags can only have a positive impact on the atmosphere for the game.

Initial thoughts? Not a fan of plastic flags, at all, but what’s done is done I guess. In recent years at Old Trafford, the best atmosphere was the Barcelona semi-final in 2008, when Wilf McGuinness gave a rousing speech ahead of kick-off. Surely something like that would be preferable to the plastic flag route, although SEF insist it will be different to what other clubs have done as flag will create a mosaic effect. AC Milan did something similar when they played us a few seasons ago.

Watch this space.