Speaking with TyC television network, Carlos Tevez gave an interview to explain his decision to leave Manchester United.

“I am not sure where I am going to play, but I know for sure that will not be at Manchester,” he said. “When I arrived I had to fight for a place like any other player. My first season was good. I was a starter or a substitute, but I respected that. But in my second year, after the match against Liverpool, the coach started to overlook me. The fans supported me a lot so I thought that something was going on as my performances were also good. I was a professional. I did not feel supported after they signed Berbatov, because I was the man for the job he was bought to do. Last year I was the second top-scorer after Cristiano. We won two titles and being shut out like this was something that I could not understand. They did not ask me to sign the contract. Ferguson told me not be worried about Berbatov’s arrival, but I did not like it when he started to put me on the bench often. I gave my life for the Manchester United shirt.”