I genuinely wanted to support whoever replaced Sir Alex Ferguson until the bitter end. I’ve always enjoyed the siege mentality that our former manager instilled in us and was ready to back his replacement.

When David de Gea replaced Edwin Van der Sar, the press ate him up for breakfast. That first game against City in the Charity Shield was a nightmare. He gifted them two goals and we were 2-0 down before half-time. Thankfully we came back to win 3-2, but the press were out for him from day one.

The fans got behind though, chanted his name when he made a good save, and did all we could to support him. It was clear this lad had bags of potential and that, when he bulked up and learnt to deal with the more physical nature of our league, he would be a fantastic goalie.

Two years later he was named PFA Goalkeeper of the Season and this year has been United’s best player, certainly worthy of the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award. It shows you just how quickly people can turn things around and how fans can justify their support.

That might make you think I’m about to claim that Moyes can turn things around but, unfortunately, I just don’t think that is the case. De Gea came here with trophies, recognition and potential. The same can be said of Ferguson when he was appointed in 1986. Whilst Moyes certainly was deemed to have potential, he’s done nothing to suggest he warrants the job of being manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

It was a nice experiment, allowing Ferguson to pick his replacement without so much as an interview, but let’s chalk this one up to experience and get someone good enough in for the job now.

It’s meant as no disrespect to Moyes, who I’m sure is a lovely chap, but there’s no way you can be giving the job of Manchester United manager to someone who’s been in the field for over a decade and still hasn’t won anything.

If United were in the top four, whilst I would still have my doubts over Moyes’ long-term suitability to the job, he would done something to justify keeping his job. Whilst both City and Chelsea have changed managers and improved, we would have to be understanding that we had got worse under Moyes, because Moyes was replacing one the greatest manager ever… not Rafa Benitez or Roberto Mancini. But there is no understanding for us being worse than Everton or Spurs. Moyes left Everton and took their top scorer from last season with him, yet there’s every possibility of them finishing 12 points ahead of last season’s champions. How any United fan can look at that scenario and not be massively embarrassed, I don’t know.

Genuinely, what I would like to see happen is Moyes sacked now. He’s got nothing to offer us and United have nothing to play for. I don’t want to see us in Europa next season, just a manager given a clean break, with the a transfer kitty, and a whole summer to work out what their best XI is. Give Ryan Giggs the job until the end of the season and let him play our most promising youth team players amongst our starting team.

I realise that is a fantasy and I am under the impression that Moyes will be given until Christmas, which is just a bonkers notion. Why spend two years in this position when we can just write this season off and get someone who is actually qualified to do the job?

I feel bad for Moyes. I think Fergie has, unintentionally, screwed him over. But my sympathy for him doesn’t mean I’m willing to see him ruin yet another year for United, and the sooner the Glazers realise he is nowhere near capable of replacing Ferguson, the better.