With the January transfer window approaching, Manchester United coach Phil Neville reckons that we need to invest in new players to ensure that we don’t get left behind.

The season before last, Manchester City won the title, but in the transfer window didn’t bring in enough quality. Roberto Mancini spent £55m on players that summer but the likes of Maicon, Sinclair and Rodwell failed to improve the squad.

Having missed out on most of our transfer targets in the summer, Phil insists that we need to strengthen to avoid making the same mistake as them.

“In the transfer window early on in the season we were looking for players, that was well documented and that search continues,” Neville told the BBC. “We need to keep reinvesting in the squad because if you stand still in this league you get left behind, as Manchester City found out last season when they didn’t strengthen as much and they ended up losing the league.”