When Bruno Fernandes signed for Manchester United, nobody could have imagined the incredible impact he would have on the club. Being rated among the top players in all of Europe when it comes to his goals and assists, the Portuguese midfielder has taken United from a team struggling to reach the top four to a side getting closer and closer to rivals City.

Now 10 points clear of third-placed Leicester, Pogba says that United have Fernandes to thank for the turnaround. In an interview with Sky Sports, he talked about his first impressions of his new teammate and how he has helped the team.

When Bruno arrived, I was injured so I wasn’t playing. When I came back from injury I had to go in and adapt to a team that had been there and been having very good results.

I went into a deeper midfield position and we just found the way of playing together, which was getting the ball to Bruno, being offensive and trying to get into the box. I found it quite good with Bruno, I adapted very well with him, he understands me, and I understand him. I watched the way he was playing when I was injured, he affected the team so much and helped the team be where we are today.

I saw Bruno as a dynamic, offensive and creative midfielder with top quality; his passing is world-class, and his shooting is very good.

Obviously, the impact he has had, his personality is very big and to be at this club you need that to play and be dominant like he did when he arrived. He speaks a lot, he speaks so much, he has to speak, that’s the first impression I had from him. It’s good to have people with personality, he brings something else. He brought something else into the team and club and he adapted straight away. Everyone liked him and his football suited the team, and everything went very well.

Pogba is a big personality behind the scenes and welcomes his teammates to chill at his home. He has his own indoor football pitch, branded pool table, £4000 air hockey table and other table games, but before the rich and fame was just like another academy lad at United.

Speaking about fellow academy graduate Mason Greenwood, Pogba had nothing but positive things to say and predicted a bright future for the youngster.

Like I have always said, Mason is a big-talented player that we had from our academy. He can go to the highest level, world class, it just depends on him. He has to work hard, harder than everyone, believe in himself and want it.

When you’re talented like this, you already have talent, now it’s only the work you put in to make you become the world class player you have to become with this talent. It depends on him, I will always be the guy to push him, not praise him too much, but push him to get to the level he should arrive at.

That’s the way I am, I don’t like being praised too much because you can get too comfortable and you think you are there when you are not. That is how I grew up, that is how my dad talked to me. If I scored one goal that wasn’t enough, if you score two then score three, always want more.

Big players, world-class players like Lionel Messi and Ronaldo have been top class for years and years. Achieving that for one year is not enough, you want to be world-class for your whole career, for five or 10 years, that is what you want to achieve.