Paul Pogba has been in great form for Manchester United over the past month and topped that off with the winning goal against Burnley in the week which put us top of the league.

Following the behaviour of his client Mino Railo, repeatedly talking about Pogba’s desire to leave the club, online sports betting would have suggested that the Frenchman was ready to leave in the summer.

However, following some good form for the club, there’s the possibility that Pogba will now see his future at United. Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of Sunday’s game against Liverpool, the midfielder talked of his desire for United to be champions.

That’s why I came here. That’s why I came back here. It was to go and win. Obviously when you come you want to win straight away. But things happen. You try to build, and sometimes things happen you didn’t expect, but it’s for a good reason. Maybe this year we can win it, who knows? It made us improve, know about ourselves, get more experience, so everything happened for a reason.

In my head you always want to win the first year, second year, the third year, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You have teams that have been great as well, our neighbours have been great, everyone is building teams, buying top players, so obviously this league is the best league in the world, and you know it’s not going to be easy.

Pogba recognises that there have been big improvements at United over the past few years, moving from 6th, to 3rd, to currently top of the table, but that we have to win the league again before we can claim to be at Liverpool’s level.

However, if we beat Liverpool at the weekend, we will be going some way to stake our claim and that actual belief we can achieve something special this season will follow.

We have improved a lot, we keep improving but we still have a very young team. Obviously we cannot say now we are at the same level as them because they won the Premier League and keep winning so the day we win – that is when we say we are at the same level. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. We want to beat the Premier League winners.

We know how good they have been playing over the last few years – we know their quality and how they play. It’s always been a tough game. We know how difficult it will be and we just have to focus and try to stay at the top. I think we can win it if we keep our focus but there’s a lot of teams that can win it – we are not there yet, we are still very far.

Pogba suggests the best way for United to climb to the next level is by keeping focussed and staying calm.

By always wanting more. Always focus on the next game, the most important one. Always the next game, the next game. If you win 3-0, or lose 1-0, it’s the next game. Keep the focus, keep the mentality, keep strong in the head and keep calm. Obviously with confidence that you are going to do it. That’s how I see it. You are not a champion until you get the trophy, so you have to keep carrying on.