Paul Pogba will be the only Manchester United representative in the World Cup final, after England were beaten in the semi-finals on Wednesday and Belgium the day before.

Our midfielder has claimed he is gunning for the trophy and wants to add another star to the French shirt, adding to the World Cup they won in 1998.

Croatia do not have stars – they want one. They have done very well and they want the victory, like us. But I do not have a star. It’s on the shirt, but I did not win it. We want to go looking for it like all players. It will be a World Cup final, a great match, difficult.

Croatia played a very tough match against England. They did not give up. They were losing 1-0 and came back. There are two teams and one cup. They have played 90 minutes more than us – I don’t know if it’s a disadvantage for them or if they’re going to want to show that they want to win even more.

For me, we are not favourites. We did not forget the doubts about us at the beginning of the competition, about our ability to play together. We haven’t done anything yet.