Paul Pogba has suffered a poor start to the season, as most Manchester United players have, but has talked openly about the speculation surrounding his future over the past few transfer windows during a press conference from the French national team.

While he sees Real Madrid as a possible future destination, he insists that he is committed to United even though the club hasn’t spoken to him about renewing his current contract.

All football players would love to play for Real Madrid. It is a dream for me, why not one day? I am in Manchester and I love my club. I am playing in Manchester, I’m having fun and I want to do everything to put the club where it deserves it. I will give everything to the max, like my teammates.

No-one has told me anything. I have not spoken to Ed Woodward. We haven’t spoken about a new deal. At the moment, I am in Manchester and I am concentrating about getting back to my best form. I think there will be a moment when the club will come and talk to me and maybe offer me something, or not. So far, nothing has happened. I can’t tell you something that I don’t know.