Paul Pogba is with the French team ahead of the World Cup in Russia. With speculation linking him with a move away from the club, the midfielder insists his contract is with Manchester United and he has lots of work to do to improve his performances.

PSG? I am at Manchester, I have my contract here for now. All the rest is just words. That’s it. I am concentrating on the World Cup. It is always great to play with great players. But that does not mean I want to go over there.

There is work to be done. I have to be a lot more consistent, better. Right now, I cannot talk about the Ballon D’Or. I have to get better and be better.

Pogba claims that he is being judged unfairly, with his game not centred on goals, with people suggesting he should score and assist more. In the league last season, only four players assisted more goals than him and all of them had more minutes on the pitch.

The maestro Iniesta. He is a leader of his team but he is not going to be judged on his goals. I scored nine goals last season and him six. We are going to say what? That he had a good season Paul? We are always gong to say that it is not enough.

Basically, it is not my role to score. N’Golo Kante, do you judge him on his goals and assists? No. My career is not finished, I cannot say that now. There is work to be done. I hope to progress and get better, win a maximum number of titles. Right now, I am not where I want to be.

There has been talk of a rift with Jose Mourinho at times this season but the player dismisses that.

There’s the team, the coach has to make his choices. If he thinks he has to put me on the bench because I was not good or he prefers to change the system, it is his choice. This year, I’ve been on the bench. Why? I was injured. Then I had a virus.

Against Newcastle, I was taken off, I had a virus and I could not breathe. Nobody knew, only the inside, me, the doctor, and I did not go crying in the media to say that I was not well.

Problem with Mourinho? I am not the coach. You will have to see with him. He made his choices. Have I had talks with him? Not necessarily. He took me off, like that. Like I said, I do my job he does his.