Wayne Rooney

Sir Alex Ferguson is considering resting Wayne Rooney tomorrow for the League Cup final, with games against AC Milan and Liverpool to play in March.

“It has to be a consideration simply because we have important games coming up,” said Ferguson. “The problem is, he is desperate to play, he is always desperate to play.”

Whilst it’s clear what an important role Rooney has, therefore his fitness and freshness should be maintained, it is Rooney’s mental well-being we need to look after. The lad isn’t going to burn himself out, he just wants to play, but we want to make sure we keep him happy and in a good frame of mind. After the way he’s played this season, he would be fully entitled to get totally pissed off at missing out on a cup final at Wembley. These are the games that you play for and I think it would be a massive mistake on Ferguson’s part to put Rooney’s nose out of joint. If you want to rest Wayne, rest him for Wolves away next week, but play him play in the final.