The Manchester United awards take place tonight, with the fans and players deciding on who they think has been our best player this season.

Who do you think deserves it?

Pros: 1. Top scorer in the league. 2. Scored more winning goals than any striker in the league this season. 3. First United player to score a hattrick against Liverpool since 1946.
Cons: 1. Been dropped for the big games. 2. Missed great opportunities against City in FA Cup semi-final.

Pros: 1. First United player since Ruud van Nistelrooy to score 20 goals in his debut season. 2. Fucking adorable.
Cons: 1. Only got in to the starting team towards the end of the season.

Pros: 1. Has more assists than any player in the league. 2. For the first 2/3s of the season, probably our most important player, in terms of his creativity and threat he posed.
Cons: 1. Off form since the return of Park and Valencia. 2. Nightmare vs Liverpool.

Pros: 1. Works his bollocks off every game. 2. Considered vital to us standing a chance of beating Barcelona.
Cons: 1. Missing so much of the season through Asia Cup and injury.

Pros: 1. Has scored some hugely important goals against the likes of City and Blackburn.
2. Has hit form at the most important part of the season.
Cons: 1. Wanted to leave 2. Wasn’t scoring and played badly for first half of the season.

Van der Sar
Pros: 1. Consistently brilliant. 2. Deserves recognition in his last season.
Cons: 1. Dropping the ball vs West Brom. 100% record at home without that.

Pros: 1. Has been consistently brilliant in defence and makes all the difference between us looking solid at the back or vulnerable. 2. Has scored very important goals against Villa and Chelsea.
Cons: 1. Injuries 2. Silly mistakes around the box against the likes Chelsea and West Ham.