“Because I kicked a bottle when the goal was cancelled from an offside position,” said Wenger. “I didn’t know we were not allowed not to do that. You know what you get at Old Trafford when you come – every time – but I do not want to go into the performance of the referee. Any questions you should ask him. I believe you should look at the game and who played with real spirit on the pitch today. I felt we played with the right spirit. It’s difficult to judge every time someone goes down. Today I’ve seen a player make 20 fouls and there was no yellow card. Nobody sees it.”

This time the referee did not allow a goal scored with a hand, as he did the season before last when Adebayor scored. The referee also did not allow a defender to make a goal line save with both hands, as Toure did a couple of seasons before Ade’s handball goal. Wenger thought he knew what happens at Old Trafford but his players didn’t get away with cheating today, for a change.

No comment on the Eboue dive then? Same old Arsenal, always cheating. And no comment on the penalty, which Almunia did not contest.

To claim you know what you’re going to get at Old Trafford, a ground where they have been awarded a penalty in recent years (not our fault Gilberto missed it!) and got away with the incidents like Adebayor and Toure’s, is ridiculously petty and immature. I can only assume this embarrassing statement comes from the fact his side lost to a United team having what will probably be remembered as our worst performance of the season!

This is how it feels to be City.