Phil Dowd will be our referee tonight as we take on newly promoted Burnley away.

Positives: His name has been dragged through the press this week by Rafael Benitez for not awarding a penalty so maybe he will be more likely to award penalties in our favour..?

Negatives: He’s a fussy cunt who likes to be centre of attention and enjoys the celebrity that comes with sending players off for fuck all. Paddy Crerand reckons he’s one of ‘the worst refs God ever created’.

Personally, I think the recent attention drawn to him is going to have a negative effect. Whilst I imagine most referees would be tempted to award penalties after missing one in the game before, Dowd strikes me as the kind of person who will be even more stubborn in light of the column inches he’s earnt.

Do you think Dowd could play any part in the result tonight?