Contributing writer Joe Davies looks at there being any possibility of UEFA changing their mind on Darren Fletcher’s red card.

No-one get there hopes up but there is a very slim chance Fletcher could have his red card rescinded. UEFA don’t use the same scheme as found in The Premier League which can see red cards rescinded via an appeal process which can reverse decisions by an F.A. hearing. In UEFA rules if the referee, Rosetti asks UEFA to rescind the red card in his post match report (due today) it could be overturned. However, according to BBC sports news correspondent James Pearce, “Normally that would only happen with a case of mistaken identity but UEFA says he would be able to admit the error, so Fletcher will only know for definite if he is suspended from the final when the referee submits his match report.”

In Wenger’s post match interview he admitted that after going 2 goals down so quickly “the belief had gone” which only cemented my belief in his poor tact in the pre-game press conference, he heaped extra pressure on his young team when they conceded two early goals by promising the press “a magnificent performance.”  He did on the other hand, when questioned if he had any sympathy for Fletch, responded “Yes, I thought the red card was very harsh”.

Sir Alex’s on the other hand seemed sceptical (and so should all of us, this is a slim chance). He said “You can see the ball has moved in a different direction but we shouldn’t ask him. He’s competent and fair enough to look at it himself possibly. Apparently, you can’t appeal and if that’s the case it’s disappointing for the boy.”

It’s very likely that nothing will come of this, but it’s worth keeping your fingers crossed for Darren Fletcher, Football Genius.