Following on from his attack yesterday, Gus Poyet has dug himself an even bigger hole, by basically claiming that Luis Suarez called Patrice Evra a “negro” but shouldn’t be punished as it isn’t a racist term in Uruguay.

“I know Luis very well and I will go to court if someone wants to prove he’s not racist,” he said. “What hurts me the most is that you accuse someone. Luis Suarez has been accused of being a racist. You cannot accuse people without a proper investigation, especially when it’s a foreigner who is coming from a different place where we treat people of colour in a different way. So it was very easy to accuse someone.”

Whilst the man talks no sense, claiming that an investigation needs to take place before an accusation can be made, it is interesting to see him acknowledge that in Uruguay, people are treated differently because of their race.

He goes on further and again seems to suggest what has been rumoured, that Suarez called Evra a “negro”.

“I played with a player, and nobody knew him as Fernando Cáceres,” he said. “Everyone knows him worldwide as Negro Caceres – even in the newspapers and on television they all him that. Is that racist? In England it is but in the rest of the world, in South America or Spain, it’s not. I understand people in this country and I changed my way of behaving, but Luis has been in this country just a few months. I played in Spain for seven years and they called me everything. It doesn’t make it right, but what do you want? Tell me what you want. If you try to go to a point that doesn’t exist in the rest of the world, it’s going to be complicated. You think the rest of the world is wrong and you are right. Maybe it looks like you want the whole world to drive on the right hand side. Do you want that? So you need to adapt as well.”