The FA’s decision to ban Wayne Rooney was so ludicrous that even the press are on his side!

The Independent: Saturday was about one man letting rip against his persecutors. Punishing him for it, as Rooney may well agree, is a load of bollocks.

The Guardian: Really it is Sky who should be being reprimanded here, for employing a guy with a hand-held camera to run up to players at key moments and poke it in their faces, and the football authorities, for allowing them to do so.

The Telegraph: Maybe football has become too earthy and uncouth for children to embrace. So if you can handle the spitting of Tiger Woods, the swearing of Andy Murray or the eye-gouging of some of the more uncontrollable characters in rugby, then there are alternatives.

The Mirror: The idea he should now be punished for what he said with some sort of ban or fine is laughable and unworkable.